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Exclusive for those attending the gala.


Dani García Experiencial

Tour of Dani García’s three restaurants in Marbella with a final at Dani García Restaurant (2** Michelin).

Bronzzzano 4 VIP passes

Full day at the exclusive Bronzzzano Beach Club, Estepona, by the pool with lunch included for 4 people

Life Apartments

2 nights at Life Apartments in Guadalete (Jerez).

Javier Melus

“Pink Panther” Javier Melus artist’s work.

Dr. Montes

Facial beauty treatment (hyaluronic filler on lips or cheekbones).


4 weekly passes for the Valderrama Masters 2018.

Patricia Darch Interiors

Fabulous Revive Armchair Natuzzi

Architect & Design Lab

Decorative French Bulldog sculpture

Vila Hermanos

Handmade candle from Vila Hermanos.

Excellence Art Gallery

Title: “Boat of Memories”, Dimensions: 50x97cm,  Oil on wood, Artist: Massimo Cedrini (Italy).

Abantal - Hotel Alcázar

Gift voucher for two tasting menus at the 1 Michelin star restaurant in Seville and a hotel night in Hotel Alcázar with breakfast for 2 people.

David Marshall

Exclusive aluminum fruit bowl.

Jessica Darch

Two original plexiglass & canvas paintings 120x50cm.

Patricia Darch Interiors

Elegant Murano glass bowl, Venice.

Clive Christian

Gift of a perfume for men and women.

Finca Cortesín - Patricia Travels

One night for two people in one of our Junior Suites with breakfast included in the Restaurant El Jardín.

Santa María Polo Club

2 VIP double invitations on the terrace, all inclusive (catering, food and drink). Valid on any day of the tournament except final.

Beran Parry

A 12-week Total Body and Wellbeing Transformation Program with Beran Parry S.A.C. Dip. (Distinction) (Nutrition Therapy) (Advanced Diet and Weight Loss) (Exercise Physiology).

Yaffé Fusion Art

Photo session by Paul Yaffé, international photographer.


Anti-aging and rejuvenation treatment.

Ara Malikian

Signed disc from this great artist.

La Reserva - Peter Gustafsson

18 Holes Master class with Peter Guftasson.

Paco Seoane

Certified and numbered repography of the work: “Miradas del Alma”, 100x70cm.


A pair of luxury shoes from the firm MAGRIT, one of the most elegant and sophisticated brands of women’s shoes in the world.

Mantúa - HACE

Tasting lunch for 2 people. 2 nights at Hoteles Andaluces Con Encanto.


Magnificent fountain pen.


600cc Special Ciroc Vodka.


Set of 4 products.

Romain Dominique

Romain Dominique Experience.

Nikki Beach

1 Beach Bed x 2pax + 2 welcome mojitos + 1 Sushi Dragon at the restaurant. 


Exclusive bag.

Jo Malone

Perfume box.


32 inches TV.

Smile and More

3 gifts (dental whitening and revision).

Patricia Travels - Nobu

3 gifts: Night at the wonderful Hotel Nobu Marbella with dinner included for 2 people and 2 dinners for 2 people.

Elena Carrera

Bracelet made in sterling silver with an 18K gold plating from the Celosías collection.

Chalk Room - Marco Augusto

Sculpture by the pretigious artist Marco Augusto.

Hotel Monasterio

A night and 2 dinners at the Hotel Monasterio